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About Regions of Climate Action (R20)

Inspired by the success of subnational action over the past several years, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and other subnational leaders decided to formalize their working relationship and add new partners by creating the R20.

The R20 is a public-private partnership, bringing together subnational governments; businesses; financial institutions; academic institutions; non-profit organizations; intergovernmental organizations, and United Nations Programme to develop and implement measurable, large-scale, low-carbon and climate resilient economic development projects at the subnational level which can simultaneously solve the climate crisis and build a sustainable global economy. This solution is already underway; has been proven at scale; and therefore, can now be rapidly expanded on a global scale.

R20 is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland with regional offices in the United States and China. Through its 24 Members, 43 Partners and 2 Observers, the R20’s activities connect more than 560 sub-national and local governments around the world.

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The R20 Mission

R20 help states, provinces, regions and other subnational governments around the world to develop, implement, and communicate low-carbon and climate resilient economic development projects, policies, and best practices.

The R20 will achieve its mission by:

  • Aggregating low-carbon projects to a scale that will make them both technologically and financially feasible, where they otherwise would not be;
  • Catalyzing partnerships between regions for fast-track actions especially as they relate to energy efficiency and renewable energy; and
  • Mobilizing and leveraging technology, public funding and private sector finance where appropriate.


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