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R20 Austria Conference 2014
October, 9-10



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Vienna R20 Conference


“Implementing the Sustainable Energy Future”

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Founding Chair of the R20 Initiative along with the UNIDO, UNDP, UNEP, the Assembly of European Regions and the Nobel Sustainability Trust invited to this conference to demonstrate, through concrete examples, that the transformation of the energy system at sub-national level is an essential step towards the green economy paradigm shift.

It was a great honor that Federal Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann and the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso participated in the conference. This conference pointed out the role of sub national governments (States, Regions, Provinces, Counties and Cities) in reaching the objectives of both the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All campaign and the European Union’s climate and Energy package. The conference highlighted the R20 coalition of partners’ approach for a sustainable renewable energy future. Best practices and recent success stories were showcased, thanks to win-win partnerships between decision-makers from international organizations, national and sub-national governments on the one hand, and private sector technology holders and financiers on the other hand.

At a special university side-event of the conference, in cooperation with the USC Schwarzenegger Institute, students had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Professor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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